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Bel Air Frenchies



Family Owned and Operated AKC Breeders


We founded Bel Air Frenchies with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable Champion Bloodlines. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. For our part, we want to provide you with a wonderful, well-bred puppy which has been well socialized, is an excellent representative of the breed, and is in good health without any congenital or genetic health issues which would jeopardize its ability to lead an active and happy life. Our objective is to be the most reputable breeders of French Bulldogs in the country. Our Mission is to sale french bulldog puppies with premium DNA, Conformation, and Quality.




  Our puppies price range from $3,000 & Up. Our price is based on many factors. We determine price base on DNA, Color, Gender and Health. We will personally hand deliver puppies to our client at their nearest major airport. There is an additional courier fee within the United States, fees are based on airline flight fare.


   When you pick up your puppy you will receive a packet with all of his/her paperwork. Inside the packet you will find our Health Guarantee/Sales Contract, Immunization Record, AKC paperwork, Veterinary Examination. The remainder of the sales contract lists other pertinent details such as names, addresses, and contact numbers of sellers and buyer(s); immunization and health record; payment record; signatures and dates; etc.


   At Bel-Air, we follow a strict code of ethics. This code is what makes us stand out from other breeders. We hope this policy helps you while you look for the right puppy for your family.


   We have French Bulldog puppies, we want to be sure they end up in the hands of committed dog lovers, like ourselves, who will provide great homes for them and will provide them with the love and attention they deserve. Because of this, we are very careful with whom we place our puppies and retirees. We want to be sure that anyone purchase our French Bulldogs will provide a wonderful home, a home that will provide love and attention and security.

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